Legal Services

With the growing population spread of NRI’s across the globe, correspondingly expanded problems encountered by the NRIs are increasing. In India; law-related problems have been the most conspicuous among the other. With limited options of interacting with the legal footprint in India, NRI legal advice is considered an important part when considering the long list…

NRI Services for Keralites

Kerala is the state where Non-Resident Indians are very high in numbers. Most of the households, people are dwelling in Middle East, USA, Europe, and Australia. Back home, they have unfinished businesses. And they have the mundane to do list as well. Paying utilities, visiting the government service offices for multiple services; need to get…

Financial Solutions

There are many factors to consider when choosing a camera. For now, let’s forget about all the specifications and features available. Ask yourself the following questions: How will I be using a camera, and how often? What do I want to achieve? Which add-ons and accessories does the manufacturer offer? Budget is another important factor,…


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